Dipping Dots
Dipping Dots


We have made it our mission to fill the whole world with Dippin’ Dots! Whether you are enjoying the exotic locales of the Far East, the uniquely beautiful lands Down Under, the captivating cities of Mother Russia, or the many natural wonders of Canada, you can find delicious, tummy pleasing frozen Dot goodness to satisfy your cravings!

Dippin' Dots America
Dippin' Dots Europe
Dippin' Dots Asia
Dippin' Dots Australia

North America


Our good friends to the North have learned to live with ice and snow and frigid temperatures. But it wasn't until the first cup of Dippin' Dots made it across the border that they realized the full potential of the frozen treat.

United States

This is where it all began. And before we're through, there won't be a single city, ball park, or theme park where you can't find a cup of delicious Dots.

Mail: email@dippindots.com

Central & South America


No, no, no - it's not pronounced "chilly." But that didn't stop things from getting a whole lot cooler in this South American country once Dippin' Dots arrived. Who knows - maybe they'll change the pronunciation in our honor.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is regarded as a leader in Central America in stability, prosperity and environmentalism. But bringing in Dippin' Dots is going to raise their reputation to a whole new level of awesome.

Mail: info@dippindots.cr



When it gets cold there it gets REALLY cold, so you think the good people of Russia would shy away from a sub-zero treat. But much like the rest of the world, they can't resist our deliciousness.

Mail: sales@dippindots.com.ru


South Korea

South Korea is a country hungry for advancement and innovation, so it's no surprise that our advanced ice cream has hit them right in the sweet spot.


You may be surprised to learn that the Philippines are known for a wide variety of delicious desserts, many of which involve shaved ice, milk and sugar. Dippin' Dots is introducing them to a whole new level of "sweet tooth."

Mail: nufoodsinc@yahoo.com


The Japanese are worldwide leaders in innovative technology - but they'd never had ice cream this good until Dippin' Dots brought its own innovations to their shores.

Mail: info@dippindots.jp


Taiwan is a subtropical island, which means the winters are sunny and the summers are hot and sticky. But hang on, good people of Taiwan! A cold front is moving in, one delicious Dippin’ Dot at a time.



Australian food culture embraces a wide variety of dishes, from down-home comfort food (chicken and corn soup, pigs in a blanket) to items that only the locals could appreciate (vegemite, grilled kangaroo). And Dippin' Dots - they love their Dippin' Dots.

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