Dipping Dots
Dipping Dots


Can’t decide on just one flavor of Dippin’ Dots? Who says you have to? Have a cup of each.

Dot Shakes

If you’ve got the willpower to sip this creamy confection of Dots and milk, then good for you. Most people we know just gulp it down, fight through the brainfreeze, and come back for more!

Dot Quakes

Wreak havoc on your taste buds with this mouth-shattering mix of Dots, milk and your choice of delicious toppings. You won’t know what hit you - you‘ll just know it was GOOD.

Dot Sundaes

Take the pure awesomeness of Dippin’ Dots and dress it up with sauce, toppings and whipped cream. Then try and eat it without smiling. Can’t be done.


Take a heaping helping of our made-to-be-awesome Dots and blend them with a generous serving of fresh-and-fabulous fruit juice. The result is a refreshing revelation you won't soon forget.

Dot Floats

A favorite treat from the past meets the ice cream of the future. And ice cream lovers everywhere said, ‘Hallelujah.’

Lots of Layers

Layer after layer (after layer after layer, if you so desire) of your favorite Dippin’ Dots flavors. Stack ‘em high and munch ’em down.

Waffle Cones

Take the second best thing that ever happened to ice cream, and fill it up with the best thing that ever happened to ice cream. Between mouthfuls, express your eternal gratitude to us for bringing the two together.


Convenient pouches stuffed to the brim with your favorite Dippin’ Dots flavors. Makes them easier to carry with you and share if you‘re so inclined. (Ha, who are we fooling - they can get their own!)