Dipping Dots
Dipping Dots

What are Dot Munchers?!

Once, they hid in the shadows, as reclusive as Bigfoot, as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. There were whispers of sightings here and there, in the theme parks and ball parks of America. But now, the legend of the Dot Munchers is growing, with reports of them being spotted all around the globe. If you see the Dot Munchers near you, don’t be scared – be thrilled, because it means delicious Dippin’ Dots must be just around the corner!

APPEARANCE: big, goofy and yellowish

TASTE: bold and lemony

LIKES: romantic walks on the beach

DISLIKES: poorly made whoopie cushions

APPEARANCE: gloomy with a spoon in tow

TASTE: sour, yet sweet

LIKES: food

DISLIKES: empty bowls

APPEARANCE: a dramatic one

TASTE: sweet, like victory

LIKES: anything sports

DISLIKES: tie games

APPEARANCE: so cute it will melt your heart

TASTE: a happy blast of citrus sunshine

LIKES: the latest gadgets

DISLIKES: pop-up ads

APPEARANCE: bright, red and spectacled

TASTE: tart and tangy

LIKES: school book club

DISLIKES: historical inaccuracies